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This Specialist Club caters to every aspect of the  Fife Fancy canary for North American breeders.

Formed in 1962 and with an membership from across North America.

IFFCA continues to promote the breeding, keeping and exhibiting of Fife Fancy Canaries in a sound, ethical and healthy environment.

The purpose of the website is to assist interested fanciers in finding out information about fife canaries and a sources of show information.

We will be publishing a Spring & a Fall newsletter if you have any articles that you think are worth sharing with your fellow members please send them to our Bulletin Editor:  

Mary Anne Buckles - mabuckles2@hotmail.com 

We encourage you to support your local shows and enjoy the Annual National Cage Bird Shows.

We have Rings and D cups  available for sale to members please contact:

 Susan Bergel: SusanBergel@aol.com

if you wish to purchase or they can be purchased online on the Membership page.

Please support your club by placing ads in our newsletter. Please note we do not have any show cages at this time however:

Cages are available from (not associated with the club)

Jerry Cason, 2016 Oak Crest Ct,  Azle Tx  76020. 817-475-5508.  Email  jerry.cason@yahoo.com


NEW IFFCA Golf Shirts for Sale

Limited quantities - order on Membership page

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Club Officials


President: Judith Miniter - canarylady007@gmail.com, 301-842-2956, cell 301-667-9354

Vice President: Rudy Diehl - karuni@cimtel.net, 918-243 5539

Treasurer:  Susan Bergel - SusanBergel@aol.com 304-725-0712, cell 540-454-6496


Bulletin Editor:  Mary Anne Buckles - mabuckles2@hotmail.com